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Teri MacDonald (Cadieux) was raised in a Christian home. Although she lived a Godly, Christian life abstaining from drinking, smoking, doing drugs and practiced sexual abstinence, she totally lived outside the box. If someone said she could not do something, look out, she tied her best to prove them wrong. They said "Women can't drive". Well this little lady proved them wrong. She became a successful female Race Car Driver. In 2002 she and her brother, Randy, made NASCAR history as the first brother/sister to compete in a NASCAR pro series, the Craftsman Truck Series. Teri's racing career has taken her to the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. In 1997 she rolled her race car and broke her neck in three places. (C-2) God restored Teri Macdonald to perfect health and gave her racing career back, but today she uses that career to present the Gospel to people all over North America. She has a stunning story that rivets people of all ages to every word. She can challenge people to get their priorities in check, encourage self-esteem in the youth and provide in-site into Gods plan for their lives.

Teri MacDonald - NASCAR RacingTeri Macdonald speaks on several topics, such as: Self Esteem, Leadership, Priorities, Pride, failure and fear, pressure, going after Godly dreams, while giving her personal testimony.

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