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Physician - Broadcaster - Hero and Father. These are just some of the many words one can use to describe Dr. Jerry Punch. Whether he is saving lives, commentating on races and college football, or enjoying time with his family, Dr. Jerry Punch gives it his all. As evidenced by his impressive resume, he is someone who takes pride in his actions-and it shows.

Dr. Jerry Punch began his career in 1971 at North Carolina State University where he majored in pre-med and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Not limited to academic success, Dr. Jerry Punch also was a walk-on quarterback for Coach Lou Holtz.

Following his graduation from North Carolina, Dr. Jerry Punch attended medical school at Wake Forest from 1975 until 1979. He then went on to become an emergency room doctor from 1982 until 1986, before taking on even greater responsibility by forming LL. Punch & Associates. From 1986 until 1992, Dr. Jerry Punch and his staff of 14 ER physicians worked to treat the patients of Central Florida.

Dr. Jerry PunchDr. Jerry Punch is a man of many talents. While working as a skilled emergency physician, Dr. Jerry Punch found time to become a well-known face in auto racing as an accomplished broadcaster. After eight years of national radio broadcasts, Dr. Jerry Punch began working selected motorsports events on "ABC's Wide World of Sports" in 1987. He has served as both pit commentator and expert booth analyst alongside veteran host Keith Jackson. In 1989, Dr. Jerry Punch became a regular member of the Emmy Award winning ABC Sports team providing coverage for the Indianapolis "500." As a physician/pit commentator, he has provided valuable insight into both mechanical and medical strategies as they unfold relative to the driver and crew members during the telecast.

As a television commentator, Dr. Jerry Punch is known for his thorough preparation and his broad-based knowledge concerning most aspects of racing.

In addition to his ABC Sports duties, as well as operating his own company, Dr. Jerry Punch serves as both play-by-play and pit analyst on ESPN. A full-time member of ESPN's ACE Award-winning broadcast team since 1987, Dr. Jerry Punch appears on more than 60 (ESPN) telecasts a year.

Not limited to auto racing, Dr. Jerry Punch can also be found at some of the best college football match-ups in the country. He usually is seen roaming the sidelines updating fans on injuries, predicting plays, and discussing locker room strategies. Recently, he has handled play-by-play chores for select college football games on ESPN and ESPN2.

Most notably, Dr. Jerry Punch is revered for his participation in saving two drivers from certain death in 1988. While preparing for a telecast of the Busch 500 for ESPN, Dr. Jerry Punch witnessed a crash of the car driven by Rusty Wallace. When he reached the vehicle, Wallace was not breathing. Jerry Punch revived Wallace and assisted the emergency crew in removing the injured driver from the wreck. Later that year while on another television assignment (ARCA race in Atlanta), Dr. Jerry Punch helped to save driver Don Marmor after a tremendous impact flipped his car three times. Marmor had no pulse, but Dr. Punch assisted raceway emergency crews in their attempt to stabilize him on the scene until arrival of the Lifeline helicopter. When Marmor was airlifted from the track, he had a strong pulse, stable blood pressure, and spontaneous breathing. Miraculously, Marmor survived the incident; but has yet to return to motorsports competition.

Dr. Jerry Punch currently resides in Knoxville, TN with his wife Joni and two children, Jessica and Logan.

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