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"The event and message were dead on target - teamwork and communication is the beadrock of a successful project. Terry's real world experience on the NASCAR circuit remarkably transcends all industry bouondaries. Not only was the material applicable, it was as entertaining as it was engaging. Time and money well spent."
-Greg Mills, Duke Energy

"I believe that the real life experience that he shared struck home with a lot of people."
- Ronald LeGrand, AREVA inc.

"Your presentation and demonstration were exactly what we needed and fit perfectly with the issues that our event was trying to capture."
- Meggan Moran, AREVA NP inc.

Engaging a sports athlete has many advantages. Most inspire, motivate and entertain. Terry brings those attributes with an added show stopper. Every weekend Terry, and the rest of the pit crew for Elliott Sadlers Nextel Cup Dodge, get Sadler in and out of the pits. During the week, or on an off weekend, he can bring his pit equipment to you and demonstrate the working of a pit stop. The equipment includes his impact wrench, tires, lug nuts, nitrogen, a replica NASCAR front quarter panel and suspension. The impact wrench (gun) is roaring at 10,000 rpm, lug nuts are flying, and your eyes can barely keep up with his hands. Terry will explain as much about the sport as you desire, as well as using analogies that relate to your business processes and objectives. If you have the inclination, a few members of your group may be challenged to take over the impact wrench and tires to perform a pit stop. Do you think they will be able to come close to Terry's time? Having been involved in the sport for over 10 years, and coaching the best of the best in the sport, there is no one more qualified to take questions and answers from your guests. Motor sports racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in the world and the necessity of team, efficiency, and performance to be successful has captured the interest of individuals, groups, and businesses alike. The concepts of teamwork, efficiency, and quality management are not new to the corporate or industrial workplace. Terry uses the excitement of motor sports racing to capture the attention and understanding of today's managers and employees. This one of a kind program draws parallels between success in racing and success in industry. This demonstration correlates the concepts of team development and performance standards of motor sports racing, with that of corporate and industrial associates.

Tire Changer NASCAR Nextel Cup #19 Dodge driven by Elliott Sadler Is it humanly possible for two people to change a tire on a car in 4 seconds? A few years ago even the best tire changers in the world (NASCAR Nextel Cup tire changers) would have said no. You can watch live as Terry Spalding ,front tire changer for the Evernham Motorsports #19 Dodge Nextel Cup team driven by Elliott Sadler, changes a tire in 4 seconds. Terry brings the equipment he uses each NASCAR race to your facility and changes tires for you. It is amazing and inspiring to watch as he shows you the precision and skill required to be a NEXTEL Cup tire changer. While you are watching his hands move so fast your eyes can barely keep up, Terry explains the mechanics, efficiency, practice, and mental focus that has helped make him one of the worlds best.

Not only is Terry a tire changer, he is an instructor and coach. There are 43 cars on the track each weekend racing in Nextel Cup. Terry has taught or coached pit crew members on at least 19 of those teams. Why has he been so successful imparting to others what it takes to perform at the highest level? Terry understands teamwork, drive, and mental preparation, and is able to communicate his understanding of their meanings in a usable way. The same understanding reaches into the business world. While watching an incredible display of talent, your guests will learn the how and why behind the performance. Terry uses this to help them find their peak performance. At 39 years old, married to Diana for 19 years, Terry has two daughters. Currently he is working on his private pilot license, mountain bikes, plays golf, and is taking an interest in real estate.

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